It was quite a wet night at Gawler on Sunday, but this did not dampen some decent racing.

Tamica Dunn had a fantastic night with a lot of patience finally being rewarded when Wilcott broke through for his maiden win at start 25! He drew well with box 1, and when he led easily, he had a good chance, However, he was challenged in the home straight but was able to chase hard and hang on for a gritty win. It’s been a tough ride for Tamica, with plenty of battles to keep Wilcott on the track. It started from when the mother had to have a C-Section and never took to the pups, which resulted in Tamica bottle-feeding the litter from day one.

From there he has a string of interruptions throughout his career.

“He’s a bit silly and keeps hurting himself, then he had tonsillitis so he had a throat operation to remove the tonsils,” said Tamica.

The win was clearly a fantastic result for Tamica and one that brought a lot of relief and satisfaction.

“I thought Vadim’s dog had got him, and I thought not another second! They called him the winner and I just cried and hugged him. It was good to get the monkey off his back… finally!”

Well done to Wilcott and Tamica!

Ben Rawlings also had a very good night, taking out a double with a couple of classier chasers. Impeached was terrific from box 7, in what was a handy field. The fawn dog left the boxes well, before using some smarts and mustering his way to the front, which was race over from there. His other winner was Lady Luck, who was able to win the next race after Impeached. It was a small field, but her early speed allowed her to cross from box 6, before leading all the way in 23.04.

Nicole Price continued her good form, also scoring a double on Sunday night. Her massive chaser in Spring Pony, who weighs in at a measly 38kg, was able to navigate a path to victory from box 1 over the 530m trip. It was a terrific effort after being slowly away, but he was able to use his size to force a passage clear up the back. Her other winner came in the form of Enthusiastic, who had to work very hard for his win. He was pressured the majority of the race, but class and ability got him over the line, as he held off a fast finishing Toby West in 23.04.

On a slow track, the best of the night run from Bobby Axelrod was a ripper, with the white and brindle chaser putting in a completely dominant performance to win by 10 lengths in 22.87. He’s always shown a bit of ability but the run on Sunday was a career-best. Dillon Robinson has been doing a good job with Bobby and his team, and I think Bobby will be winning plenty in the immediate future.

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