Jamie Quinlivian had a day out on Tuesday with 2 wins and a 2nd place achieved by his Greyhounds. Race 7 saw the start of Jamie’s run with Assaulted Pepper jumping to the lead from the start comfortably beating Matthew Payne’s greyhound Skinny Bob by 3 lengths in a time of 22.89 seconds over the 400m journey.
The following race had Silverband Falls running 2nd to greyhound Thumb a Ride locally trained by Troy Murray. Thumb a ride finished in 22.73 seconds over 400m to beat Sivlerband Falls by 5 lengths. Jamie had his second win of the day in race 10 over 400m with Signal Pete running down Emerley Avenue on the line trained by Judi Hurley, winning by nose in a time of 22.79 seconds.
Jamie lives and trains his greyhounds just outside of Mildura at Merbein South and travels weekly over the border to race his greyhounds. Jamie said that his wife does a mountain of work to prepare the kennel while he is travelling to race his greyhounds. Jamie owns the litter mother Rustic Reeta and said that he breeds and trains greyhounds because of the enjoyment that he gets out of it. Assaulted Pepper, Silverband Falls and Signal Pete are out of the same litter born June 2014. The litter has won more than 70 races in total and Jamie has two others of the same litter trained and racing in Melbourne. This is the dam Rustic Reeta’s first litter and she has her second litter showing promise and will be racing shortly. Jamie will be breeding with her again one final time.
Gawler Greyhounds will be racing Tuesday and Sunday this week. Our Easter Sprint is being run on Easter Sunday where will have additional entertainment for the kids. For bookings please contact the Club on 08 85222 935.
We look forward to seeing you along
Shawn Noack
Gawler Greyhounds- Jamie's day out
Kathy Hurley and Assaulted Pepper
Photos courtesy of Arclight Photography

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